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As a new brand started in 2018, LEONARK dedicates to provide great fencing equipment and services with accessible prices. We are committed to supplying a variety of products, including fencing uniforms, fencing masks, fencing bags, fencing weapons and all kinds of accessories, for fencers. 

LEONARK believes that protection leads to perfection. We focus on various materials and manufacturing processes all the way in order to provide the most suitable fencing gear. 

In 2022, we also started looking at the growing popularity of HEMA and provided some basic training gear which will protect you to the best in HEMA training and competition.

Now featuring more than 100 products of different sizes and colors, we've been making progress together with our customers in the United States and Europe and aim to offer more and better products in the future.

Our goal is to be able to help people enjoy fencing and keep improving in fencing.

At LEONARK this is what we believe and we strive to help you our dear customer find everything you need to support your fencing life!

Let's fencing!

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