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LEONARK 350N Hema Guard Skirt Spare Front Apron Sparring Szorca Jockstrap Overlays for HEMA Longsword Rapier Sabre Armoury

LEONARK 350N Hema Guard Skirt Spare Front Apron Sparring Szorca Jockstrap Overlays for HEMA Longsword Rapier Sabre Armoury

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Why should you choose this particular equipment for HEMA? It's simple:

It will help you adjust to competition conditions.
It will reduce the possibility of damaging your equipment during HEMA exercises.
It forms an auxiliary kit that will increase the strength of your equipment.
Low weight is an additional advantage of the product, so it can be used even by the HEMA beginners.

We made the overlay from 350N puncture resistant composite fabrics. It is a simple but well-cushioned piece of HEMA attire that meets the needs of those who need a little more cushioning in the crotch, hip and waist area.

The straps at the waist are 59in on each side, which is long enough for the scrub to be freely adjusted to people of different sizes. The design of the overlay does not restrict movement and provides maximum comfort during HEMA training.

It is designed for people who need to cover additional places where the jacket does not reach. It can also be use for hot weather when you do not want to wear heavy HEMA pants.
This overlay has integrated amortization shock absorbing foams and 15 pockets in which 2mm hard panels are located. It is easy to remove or modify the panels.

It can be used by both men and women of all ages. It is a universal product for any type of training. It is suitable for HEMA beginners as well as the HEMA enthusiast.


Fabric: 350N puncture resistance composite fabric for the shell and 100% cotton for the waistband
Padding: 8mm 20x foaming XPE foam and 2mm removable hard panel
Dimensions: 31.5in W x 23.6in H / 80mm W x 60mm H
Length of the waistband: 59 in / 150mm of each side
Closure type: lace-up
Color: Black
Size: uni-size to fit all people of different figures

Dry Clean Only!
Keep in mind that depending on the intensity of your training, you should have properly selected overlays!


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